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Microsoft made Mesh generally available. Why this is an important milestone? Mesh is about the importance of deep human connections in the workplace and how they are crucial for increasing engagement, stimulating performance, and retaining talent. It helps in that remote and hybrid work arrangements no longer to pose challenges in building personal connections. According to Microsoft's Work Trend Index report, 43 percent of leaders find relationship building to be a significant challenge in remote and hybrid work - so this problem needed to be addressed. To address this issue, Microsoft has introduced "Microsoft Mesh," a technology that powers 3D immersive experiences to make virtual connections feel more like face-to-face interactions.

· 2 min read

One the challenges with leveraging quantum computing stems from the error-prone nature of the basic unit of quantum information, quantum bits, or qubits. By leveraging the unique properties of superposition, simultaneously existing as a state of 0 and 1, as well as entanglement, qubits enable complex computations in fields such as finance. There is a trade off however that, currently, a large amount of effort must go into quantum error correction for this to be useful.

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The story started with TCL RayNeo X2 and TCL NXTWEAR S at the beginning of the year, continued by TCL announcing RayNeo Air 2. Yes, you spotted well, they never had a RayNeo Air 1 Although they claim it is lighter, sleeker, advanced display and audio, etc. compared to the previous one.

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Azure Quantum Elements is a new service that integrates the latest breakthroughs in high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing to accelerate scientific discovery in chemistry and materials science.

· 8 min read

The first of the key topics discussed by the brain trust really focused on the complexities and challenges associated with achieving reproducibility in the context of AI models.