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TCL announces RayNeo Air 2

· 2 min read

The story started with TCL RayNeo X2 and TCL NXTWEAR S at the beginning of the year, continued by TCL announcing RayNeo Air 2. Yes, you spotted well, they never had a RayNeo Air 1 Although they claim it is lighter, sleeker, advanced display and audio, etc. compared to the previous one.

One of the big advancements is in display brightness, compared to an NXTWEAR S, it has +25% increase, to an impressive 600 nits. This enables to use it outdoors, and with the added option to make the shades permanent part of the glasses it creates a stylish look reminiscent of dark sunglasses.

Furthermore, it has an increased FoV, to 46 degrees, this matches XReal Air 2 and comes close to Rokid's 49 degree FoV. Although pure VR glasses has more extensive FoV, smart glasses like this one have a portable advantage, making them ideal for on-the-go media consumption and enhanced productivity devices.

When comes to software, it's still running the RayNeo XR software providing the AR experience - similar to Nebula for the Xreal glasses. It provides seamless integration for Samsung phones, tablets, with multi window browsing, media streaming, gaming, etc. Although their Android support is better, it still supports being a MiraScreen target to support mirroring iPhone experience.

The new RayNeo Air 2