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Proof-of-Concept (POC) Program

Once we have created the initial primer for a technology, we also identify the core blockers that are holding the technology readiness level back. These blockers become the opportunities for our community to come together to solve through our POC Program.

By submitting ideas on how to solve these roadblocks, our community engages with our SMEs to explore the development of libraries, standards or governance to remove or reduce the impact and increase the technological readiness of emerging technologies.

As part of this program, we aim to increase collaboration and co-investment between the members of FINOS and with wider emerging technology community with aims to solve the common barriers that everyone will or has faced in adoption or implementation, overall reducing the duplication of effort and inter-compatibility across industry.

To achieve this, we have 8 control gates:

Opportunity OutlineOnce primer is created, publish the list of barriers where disruption is possible or worth exploringZenith Team / Brain Trust
Call for IdeasFrom opportunities outlined, define the problem statement and create a call-to-arms to source proposed solutions. Enable and encourage the reuse of shelved projects alongside fresh ideasZenith Team
Community submits ideas based on these opportunities for sponsorship & fundingCommunity
SME VettingBrain trust review submissions and sponsor based on ideas being possible, feasible, worthwhile, legal and not already exploredBrain Trust
Value PropositionThe value proposition is created to show the impact of success for any proposed idea. This proposition is then provided to the funding governance team to assist with raising & allocation of fundsZenith Team
Funding GovernanceA pool of representatives from FINOS members & partnered organisations vote to approve access to exploration funds or resources. Projects without financial asks can skip this stepGovernance Team
Project StartParticipants receive their support & create a Zenith repository to start their work. Regular updates are provided to access support drawdowns. If a project becomes unviable, we record progress to date and reclaim any unused support. Recorded projects are stored for future explorationProject Team / Zenith Team
ShowcaseUpon project completion, demos and project walkthroughs are recorded to share intelligence with future users. These should cover pain points, ideas on how to improve in the future and solutions for common issues (e.g. installation, configuration, adoption etc.)Zenith Team / Project Team
ReleaseProject participants share their repositories publicly on the FINOS github, potentially transitioning to the FINOS Labs if required. Project participants are accredited for their efforts in the core discipline primer and the repositories go into standard support modelsFINOS Team