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Join us for our Zenith meetings!

Zenith meetings are happening on the 4th Thursday of every month, at 10 am EST / 3 pm BST, via Zoom (Meeting ID: 985 3883 7792, Passcode: 152455). You can download the invite for our kickoff and for the regular meetings.

Typical Zenith meeting agenda

Zenith meetings have the following general format:

  • Welcome & Announcements
    • New Brain Trust Members
    • Updates on current projects
    • Updates on Blog
    • Notices about upcoming events/deadlines
  • POC Program
    • Overview of existing blockers for ransom
    • Status updates on existing programs
    • Showcase announcements (if applicable)
  • Deep Dive
    • Presentation on latest Primer
    • Interview with external SME or industry insight
  • Any other Admin
    • Changes to program
    • Proposals for new Primer topics
    • Prioritisation changes for existing publication schedule
  • Call to arms
  • AOB
  • Thanks & Close Out

Looking forward to have you joining!

Previous meeting minutes

  • 2023/08/24 - Our focus was AI powered analysis of architectural code
  • 2023/07/13 - Our focus was generative AI
  • 2023/06/29 - Our focus was initial introduction